MAKING LENSES ON-SITE We have a full-scale lens making lab; which means we are producing prescription spectacle lenses (including multifocal lenses) from start to finish on-site, instead of having to send overseas. Your spectacle prescription along with the measurements of your face and frame choice obtained by our Optician is accurately entered into the lens making equipment to produce a high quality pair of lens that is then cut to shape in an automated process to fit your frame

ADVANCED LAB EQUIPMENT The equipment found in our lab is the same state-of-the-art equipment found in large-scale production facilities; in some cases, it’s even more advanced A lab technician overseas the entire process from making to fitting the lenses

QUALITY ASSURANCE Our first priority is to ensure that lenses are produced at the highest quality and free of any defects Once the finished pair of glasses reach out quality assurance department they are double-checked in detail by an Optician to ensure the quality of every lens is exceptional while providing a quick turnaround.

LENSES PROVIDED IN OUR LAB Many types of prescription lenses are made in our lab including progressives, bifocals, transitions lenses that tint in the sun, premium anti-reflective lenses that reduces computer glare and high index material which produces a thinner and lighter lens. However very high prescription lenses or lens with special coatings, design or materials cannot be made in our on-site lab. These are considered ‘special order’ lenses and have to be ordered in from overseas. We are still able however to cut and fit these specialty lenses in our lab so the turnaround time can be kept to a minimum.